Hello world! The journey begins…

Hi all!

I have an insatiable desire to be great. However, as I strive for this goal, I am finding out that it is NOT easy!! The more I read about great leaders and high achievers; I find that there isn’t a “formula”…but there seem to be certain attributes that are present in every high achiever:

  1. Focused: they have an incredible ability to focus on their goals
  2. Persevere: they always seem to find a way
  3. Persistent: the never give up!
  4. Lifetime Learners: they are always open to learning from others

I want to read & study about great achievers and “pick their brains live” — to see what tools of greatness I can glean. But, I don’t want to stop there; I want to find ways to implement the tools that we discover to help on the “journey to greatness”.

So, this blog will study high achievers from afar by reading books, stories and articles about them. I will also conduct interviews with them over a meal called, “Food For Champions”. I will ask how they got where they got, what was their greatest obstacle, what was their defining moment, who was their mentor, etc. As this blog grows, I would like to know what you want to know — then we can learn & grow together!!

Merry Christmas to you all!! The “journey to greatness” will officially begin on January 1, 2009..