Everyday Thoughts For Coaches & Leaders



Coach Pat Summitt's office! Where she thinks everyday!! (Sports Illustrated photo)


This is from Coach Greg Brown’s blog: http://ucfwbbthoughts.blogspot.com He is another great follow — check out his blog!


1.Check, Check & Re-Check
2.Retrieve, Review, & Reinforce
3.Expect, Inspect, Accept
4.Adapt, Improvise, Overcome
5.Sit and think 10 minutes a day
6.Don’t bail their butts out.
7.Keep a daily record of what I learned about people, relationships, basketball and life.
8.Do less and do it better.
9.Build a philosophy of life.
10.No shortcuts for anything are worthwhile.
11.Be true to yourself–do the things you know you should do.
12.We get what we tolerate.
13.Always try to learn.
14.Security is bad. It makes you complacent and dull.
15.Coaching is: Organization, Discipline and Communication.

Awesome thoughts!!

So, tell me: “what are YOU thinking about everyday”??

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