Coach Don Meyer On Discipline

Coach Don Meyer, Head Coach, Northern State University

This is used and adapted from Coach Greg Brown’s blog: . He is an assistant women’s basketball coach at University of Central Florida. You should check out his blog on a regular basis – it is FULL of awesome nuggets to improve your leadership in sports AND life!!

Thanks, Coach Brown!!


There’s one truth I know–Where you find success, you find discipline [AND disciplined leaders]. To maintain and sustain success, one’s discipline must continue to grow and develop. [“an undisciplined leader who cannot lead himself can NEVER lead others” – Coach O]



 Here are more thoughts from Coach Don Meyer on DISCIPLINE:

•   Make the right choice
•   Do the right thing for the right reason.
•   Bad choices destroy discipline.
•   Do the right thing and do it right.
•   Do the next right thing right.
•   Motivation vs Manipulation. Manipulate–making someone else do something for you. Motivation–making someone do something for themselves.
•   When you do the next right thing right, you are as close to perfect as possible.
•   Discipline yourself so others won’t have to.
•   Must be able to trust you with the smallest of things in order to trust you with the largest of things.


**** Note from Coach O: I don’t know about YOU, but after reading this again – I need to work on some areas of my self-discipline!!!

“Live like a Champion today!!”


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