The Leader’s Attitude Makes All The Difference!

Ken Blanchard, best sellinig author of "One Minute Manager"

Most people would say that success is not a problem.They don’t realize that success can be just as devastating, if not more so, to some people as failure is. There is an abundance of stories about sports figures, entertainers, and business leaders who went quickly to the top, only to crash and burn.

As a coach or leader, your own mental attitude towards winning and losing is key.  As a leader, you can’t afford to let yourself be overconfident through victory or be consumed by failure. Doing so tends to divert attention from the [team], business at hand, or preparing for the next step.

It sounds trite, but one of the marks of real success in life is to believe that there is a reason for everything. We can’t control every event, but we can control our response to it. Life is unpredictable. What makes a winner is that when something happens, that person’s belief system brings forth attitudes that can take good events and make them better, likewise, it transforms bad events into opportunities to learn.

~ Ken Blanchard

Adapted from “The Little Book of Coaching” by Ken Blanchard & Don Shula

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