Leaders Influence People

Brenda Frese, head coach, Maryland WBB, 2006 NCAA Champs. She's a GREAT leader...

If you can’t influence people, then they will not follow you.

And if people won’t follow, you are not a leader.

— John C. Maxwell

It’s Not Magic. It’s About You!

Coach Mike Shanahan, former head coach Denver Broncos, part of 3 Super Bowl winning teams (1 w/ 49ers & 2 w/ Broncos)

Don’t wish for something.

Go make it happen. You don’t hear successful people wishing for something, do you?

They make up their mind and go get it. There is no reason you can’t do the same.

It’s not magic. It’s about you!

— Mike Shanahan

(from “Think Like A Champion” by Mike Shanahan & Adam Schefter)