Winners Learn From Mistakes

Mariano "Mo" Rivera, NY Yankees, arguably the greatest "closer" in Major League Baseball

A real winner is someone who can win the game at the buzzer, score the touchdown in the final seconds,

and hit a home run when you’re down by one in the bottom of the ninth.

The people who close out the game are so rare and

so special that when they come along, we practically turn them into athletic gods!

Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird, Joe Montana, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Wayne Gretzky—

these are the winners or “closers” who taught me a great lesson:

When you make a mistake or miss a shot, you don’t fix it the next day or the next week.

You fix it at the moment by being able to move on.

They can make a mistake and not let it ruin the whole game for them. 

Michael can miss seven shots in a row and not hesitate to take the eighth.

He says to himself, “I know I am not terrible. I just have to keep shooting until I hit one.”


Great athletes have incredible capacity to forget their mistakes.

So, learn from your mistakes, don’t dwell on them.


PAT O’BRIEN, former CBS Sports Host

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