Procrastination: A Big Reason We Don’t Accomplish Our Goals


Dr. AR Bernard, pastor, Christian Cultural Center (CCC)

On New Year’s Eve, my post came from Brian Tracy’s blog that laid out a 7-Step process for setting goals for our year. I have been studying this process as I also apply it to my life and still had a questionEven with all this great advice from Brian Tracy and others; why is it that I (we) don’t always accomplish my (our) goals?

Well, I don’t know about YOU, but a big reason for me is the dreaded word: PROCRASTINATION!!  (Dum dee dum dum music :)) Just typing the word makes me “shudder” because it is a big obstacle for me.

So, my family and I go to New Year’s Eve service at our church, Christian Cultural Center (CCC), in Brooklyn, NY, and guess what my pastor, Dr. AR Bernard, is speaking about? You guessed it: procrastination! We are blessed to have a pastor that gives us tools to live successful lives and make a difference in our culture & society!

So, I am going to share an excerpt from my notes on his teaching (he teaches more than he preaches) on “Why People Procrasinate.” He was also encouraging us to set goals and objectives for 2010 (I will blog more on that later), but also acknowledged this huge potential hurdle and how to handle it. I hope it helps you as you pursue your dreams, goals, and objectives:

Reasons People Procrastinate:

1. Fear.

  • People put things off because of fear of change.
  • To do it you have to change: your attitude or self awareness and to avoid that they will put it off.
  • Fear of criticism. Afraid of disappointing people and they put off confrontation or having to deal with their own character flaws. Or what they have presented themselves to be and people will not see that what they are is really different.
  • Fear of failure so they would rather not do it.
  • Fear of inadequacy. Feeling that they don’t measure up to the task. Someone will notice that they are inadequate to handle this task..
  • Fear of making mistakes. Rejection, or starting something else you know you won’t finish. The task may be something new and take you out of comfort zone

2. Feeling overwhelmed.

  • When you are buried underneath things you fall under the “spell” of putting things off because you have so much to do!

3. Indecisiveness.

  • Lacking the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively

4. Lack of a deadline.

  • Deadlines are important because they are guidelines and spur action.

5. Over commitment.

  • “Don’t let your mouth burden your back.” (Great quote)
  • Learn how to use “yes” and “no” effectively

6. Resentment.

  • Disappointed in what you have been given to do.
  • “I don’t wanna to do that!” (waaa waaa!)  
  • We resent that it is part of our job.
  • During this time, you even go through a whole mode where you think you are being treated unfairly

7. Unclear goals.

  • Goals are like magnets. The clearer the goals the stronger the pull to accomplish them.

8. Unpleasant or boring task.

  • You will find every excuse for doing it later
  • Many times we have to do what we have to do, before we can do what we want to do! – Zig Ziglar (para-phrased)

9. Distraction. (THIS IS HUGE!) 

  • Distractions allow you to do something more pleasurable to you instead of doing what you don’t like.
  • Distractions will also make this “diversion” seem more important that accomplishing your true goals & objectives.
  •  When you put off something and become distracted it reduces the anxiety for not doing the thing you are putting off.
  • But this is only temporary and you still have to come back and face the thing being put off.


  1. Procrastination is a symptom of some area of stress in your life.
  • You will not stop procrastinating until you know why you are putting it off. What the stress is…..?
  • It is time for us to change what we do to accomplish our goals and objectives
  • We have to put off all the excuses and confront whatever is giving you the stress.
  • Stop talking about the inadequacies and all other excuses, and face it straight on and deal with it so God can bless you and take where he wants to take you in life!!!!
  • In 2010 leave that thing or person (that is holding you back) tonight and walk away and don’t look back.
  • You have to deal with the area of stress and anxiety in your life that is robbing you of your future.
  •  Don’t be robbed
  • So many things have happened in our lives and we feel “beaten down and discouraged”
  • Don’t allow yourself to feel so beaten down that you forget what God has said that he would do for you in your life.


Wow, huh? I was inspired too! I am still digesting this teaching and intentionally implementing it in my life!

  • Do you know the definition of insanity? “Doing things the same way and expecting different result!”
  • There are things that did not work for me last year & I am ready to stop “acting insane!.”  I am going to change my methods in certain areas but staying committed to my goals.

I AM READY TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL 2010 – HOW ABOUT YOU?? JOIN ME & visit “Mindset of A Leader” often!!


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