Book Recommendations By Friends

  1. Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julian Smith (Reccomended by my friend Elizabeth Farmer. You can follow her on Twitter: She was a great help to me as I started this blog!
  2. Good To Great by Jim Collins (Recommended by friend, Delaina McElroy. She is the better half of my buddy, Jason McElroy. They are great Orlando Magic fans, parents and a fun couple that know what “good music”  is. You can follow them on Twitter: &
  3. The Last Lecture by Robert Pausch (Recommended by my friend Ben Larson. He is a motivational “machine” on Twitter and I enjoy his tweets. You can follow Ben on Twitter:

2 responses to “Book Recommendations By Friends

  1. “The Last Lecture” hits home for me based here in Pittsburgh, PA as Carnegie Mellon Univ is right down the road. I recommend everyone who seeks to find passion and purpose to read this book. Learn to enjoy your life, work hard for your vision outcome and never lose your faith.

    Great Recommendation!


  2. You cant go wrong with any John Maxwell book. These are must haves go to resources for all coaches and leaders. For my money, his best work is his book Talent Is Never Enough. Spend the extra couple bucks and purchase the workbook that accompanies it. You wont be disappointed folks, trust me!

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