Congratulations To The 2010 NBA Champs: LA Lakers!

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True Champions NEVER EVER Give Up!

Penn State women's volleyball (in white) "BLOCKS" Texas' attempt to dethrone them!

After going down 2 sets to zero; Penn State’s women’s volleyball team refused to give up and forced a 5th set tiebreaker! They went on to win an unprecedented 3rd straight NCAA championship and 103 straight game win streak!

We, as coaches who want to be great, have to teach our “players” in business or sports; to NEVER give up until we reach our goal!!!!

(I watched this match, it was QUITE inspiring!!)



Champions Are A Rare Breed


Jesse Owens, 1936 Olympic Gold Medal winner

While trumpeting Aryan supremacy at the Berlin Games, the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, summoned German gold medalists Tilly Fleischer and Hans Woellke to his box to congratulate them, but he left the stadium after African-American Cornelius Johnson, a supposed “non-human” in the eyes of Hitler, won the high jump. More famously, Jesse Owens (above, center) later won four track and field golds in another embarrassment for the preening Nazis.
“Champions are a rare breed.
They see beyond the
dangers, the risks, the obstacles,
and the hardships”
—Dr. Lester Sumrall

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