Intense Desire Should Always Drive You!

Larry Fitzgerald (#11), WR, Arizona Cardinals

We are told that talent creates its own opportunities.

But it sometimes seems that intense desire creates not only its own opportunities,

 but its own talents.

— Eric Hoffer

“What Are You Willing To Do About It?”


John Naber, 1976 Olympics Gold Medal Winner, Swimming

One of my favorite sayings I got off a soda bottle: NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN. To me that means you’ll got out of life about what you’re willing to put in. All champions have made great sacrifices to win their victories. So when someone talks to me about their goals and dreams, I ask them one question: “What are you willing to do about it?”

— John Naber

Four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimming


“Here is a reminder that no one yet has found a way to get something for nothing. All worthwhile goals come at a price, and the coins with which we pay are: concentration, perseverance and desire!”

SO….what are YOU willing to do about it???



From “A Hero In Every Heart” by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.