The Will Of The Leader

Tim Tebow

Mental toughness is also the perfectly disciplined will. The strength of your group is in your will—in the will of the leader.

The difference between a successful man and others is not in the lack of strength, nor in the lack of knowledge, but rather, in the lack of will.

The real difference between men is the energy. It is in the strong will, the settled purpose, the invincible determination. But remember that the will is the character in action.

If we would create something, we must be something. This is character. Character is higher than intellect. Character is the direct result of mental attitude.

A man cannot dream himself into character; he must hammer and forge one for himself. He cannot copy someone else’s qualities; he must develop his own character qualities to fit his own personality.

-Vince Lombardi Jr.

From “What It Takes To Be #1”