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Note from CoachO: A great thought leader I have come to admire is Ralph Marston. He has a very inspiring website called, “The Daily Motivator.”

The following is a post from his “Motivator” archives… Enjoy!


Do the hard work!

Don’t avoid the hard work. That’s where the greatest value is created.

Don’t be afraid of the difficult, complicated, challenging tasks. Once you get past the fear, you’re already past the most difficult aspect.

Relish the opportunity to do the hard work. For it is an opportunity to experience yourself being fully alive and effective.

Find real enjoyment and satisfaction in doing the difficult work. Get yourself hooked on how good it feels to make a meaningful positive difference.

It’s often assumed that hard work is best avoided. Yet when you avoid hard work, you cheat yourself out of the joy of accomplishment.

Seek out the hard work and you’ll find it’s not bad at all. Do the hard work, and transform each day, each moment and each effort into great value.

— Ralph Marston
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Excellence Before Ego

Jesus Shuttlesworth

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics

 The below post comes from a man I have come to admire & study over the past year! It’s highlights a lesson we can all learn: “excellence before ego!”


Excellence Before Ego

FEB 12, 2011

Ray Allen had a night to remember when he broke the NBA Career 3-Point Field Goal record formerly held by Reggie Miller. As I said to Ray when he got to the bench, “all those hours of work do pay off!” His just reward is to go down in NBA history.

Many have already asked me about Ray and his famous shooting workouts, but this is not the message that should be gleaned from his accomplishment. The most important message, and the lesson I got from the night, was how Ray puts “Excellence over Ego.” He is simply more about perfecting his role and his craft so that he can help the team win Championships than he is about satisfying a personal ego.

Does he have an ego? Yes! All greats in any line of work have egos, but Ray knows how to discipline his ego. He has the quiet confidence of knowing he has put the time in the gym preparing his game, the time in the weight room preparing his body, the time on the track preparing his cardio, and finally the discipline to fuel his body the proper way. This is what has allowed him to build up his shooting stamina to be able to shoot big shots in big late-game situations. His ego is more about a strong confidence that he is ready, rather than a false bravado hoping that the opponent is afraid of him!

What I have learned from Ray Allen is that you can be a star and still carry yourself with class. You can be one of the best ever and still not have to “talk a good game.” You can have an ego and still not be cocky. And you can strive for excellence every day knowing that it will lead you to great heights…but do it in a professional manner!

You can’t get much higher than being the All Time Leader in a league full of the best in the world! Excellence over ego……..a lesson we all should learn. Thanks, Ray!

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